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NewProjectM 滋賀県
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ProjectN 長野県

2018年1月Gallery更新(Projet M 滋賀県/Projet M 神奈川県)


アメリカ支社 YAJIMA USAは、
2010年1月本拠地をネバダ州リノ市(広さ 5,110㎡)へ移転し、事業拡大致しました。

YAJIMA CO., LTD. is a structural steel fabrication company with production capabilities for general steel structures, specialty steel frames and a wide range of metal working services.
Our Project Team possesses a substantial amount of engineering and technological knowledge, management efficiency and reliability.
This professional experience is the backbone of our capabilities to perform complex fabrications.
In May 2013, YAJIMA CO., LTD. expanded our production capacity with the opening of second plant: Tateshina Koujyou, located in Chino-shi, Nagano, Japan.
In addition to our Japan-based operations, we also have a US branch: YAJIMA USA. Located in Reno, Nevada, the YAJIMA USA plant expanded operations to a new (5,110m²) facility in January 2010.  
YAJIMA CO., LTD. With 50 years of experience in steelwork engineering and production, we take pride in preforming each project safely, legitimately, and accurately for our consumers.